Dominator NE34 Antenna


Dominator NE34 Antenna

The Dominator ! is a high gain vertically polarized .82 wave Coaxial antenna. It is the coaxial cone at the base of this antenna that allows us to go beyond the standard 1/2 wave and 5/8 wave designs by forcing the angle of radiation down on the horizon. The Dominator? has the same vertical gain as four stacked circular polarized bays fed in phase and mounted over a forty foot section of tower.

The Dominator® antenna uses a highly efficient Teflon insulated gamma match that eliminates any coils or matching transformers. This allows us to shunt feed the .82 wave main radiator while keeping it DC grounded for added lightning protection. This also gives the antenna it's ability to handle high power levels.

The standard model is available with a gold pin Teflon insulated weatherproof N or SO-239 connector recommended for up to 1 KW input. Higher power versions are also available such as our 3 kilowatt using a Teflon 7/16" DIN connector and heavy duty gamma match. Beware of poorly constructed clones that look similar to the Dominator®. One distributor is selling an antenna that has been made to look like the factory authorized product . Clones are not factory authorized and are advertised with inflated gain figures. Please visit our "Dominator vs. Clone" page for more information.

Norwalk Electronics guarantees no single other FM broadcast antenna can produce a stronger signal or you can return the antenna to us within 30 days for a refund. The Dominator® is professionally manufactured using high grade 6063 magnesium alloy aluminum tubing. This antenna is currently in use by hundreds of stations around the globe from Alaska to South America. It has proved itself to withstand severe weather while providing a strong reliable signal.

The Dominator® also offers unique possibilities for use in emergency or temporary situations where an effective, easy to install antenna is required. Be prepared for the unexpected as changes in weather patterns can cause a severe weather system to strike at anytime. This has forced some stations into the awkward position of having to reach their listeners after the loss of the transmitter antenna and or tower.

 - Polarization: Vertical
 - Max. power: 1 KW. standard model
 - Max. wind speed: 100 MPH
 - Radiation pattern: Low angle omni (14 degrees)
 - Impedance: 50 ohms
 - Material: High grade 6063 alloy aluminum
 - Gain: 5.15 dbi
 - Connector: N or SO-239 
 - Wavelength: .82 wave
 - Lightning protection: DC grounded radiator
 - Weight: Approx. 8 pounds
 - Frequency range: 88-110 MHz. (Tunable)
 - Wind load: .7 square feet
 - VSWR: 1:1 at tuned frequency
 - Length: 9 feet
 - Bandwidth: 5 MHz @ <1.5:1