Orban OPTIMOD 5700i - FM/HD Audio Processor

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Orban OPTIMOD 5700i - FM/HD Audio Processor

Our 5700i offers the proven OPTIMOD sound in a compact, cool-running 1U system at an affordable price. It provides stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting - everything that you need to compete in your market.

More than 20 excellent sounding, format-specific factory presets get you started. Although the factory presets are fully competent “out of the box,” you can customize them with easy one-knob LESS-MORE control or with more than 60 advanced controls whose versatility will satisfy even the most finicky on-air sound designer. If you have created custom presets for Optimod-FM 8500, 8400, 8300, 5500, or 5300, you'll find that they import perfectly into the 5700i, retaining your carefully designed sound.

Independent Processing for FM and digital radio

The FM and digital media processing paths split after the 5700i's stereo enhancer and AGC. There are two equalizers, multiband compressors, and peak limiters, allowing the analog FM and digital media processing to be optimized separately. The bottom line? Processing that optimizes the sound of your FM channel while punching remarkably crisp, clean, CD-like audio through to your digital channel audience.

Key Features:

  • Audio Processor Quick Setup
    Like the other OPTIMODs, the 5700i provides a guided, systematic procedure for setup.
  • Factory Presets & LESS-MORE Control
    With a selection of factory presets and the simple LESS-MORE Control you can easily create your own signature sound. Orban is happy to help you find the perfect setup for your station.
  • Four Processing Structures
    The 5700i features four Audio Processing Structures which are Optimum Five-Band (or “Multiband”; 20 ms delay) for a consistent, “processed” sound, free from undesirable side effects, Ultra-Low-Latency Five-Band (5 ms delay) for environments where talent monitors live off-air and they object to the delay of Optimum Five-Band, Low-Latency Five-Band(12 ms delay), and Two-Band for a transparent sound that preserves the frequency balance of the original program material.
  • “True Peak” Control
    “True Peak” Control is available for the digital radio processing with an accuracy of better than 0.5 dB. For typical program material, accuracy is 0.2 dB.
  • ITU BS-412 Multiplex Power Control
    A defeatable, program-adaptive multiplex power limiter can unobtrusively control the multiplex power according to ITU-R BS412 standards.

  • ITU-R BS.1770-3+ Loudness Control
    Loudness Control is available for digital radio and analog radio processing chains in countries that enforce a BS.1770 loudness limit on digital and/or analog radio broadcasts.

  • RDS
    The 5700i has a built-in full-featured RDS/RBDS generator that supports static and dynamic RDS values.
  • Remote Control or front panel operation
    You can operate and configure the 5700i Audio Processor comfortably via the supplied Windows PC Software. Control is possible over your local network or the internet. The 5700i can also be operated easily by using its front panel and display.