Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 Digital Audio Processor

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Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 Digital Audio Processor

It is impossible to characterize the listening quality of even the simplest limiter or compressor based on specifications, because such specifications cannot adequately describe the crucial dynamic processes that occur under program conditions. Therefore, the only way to evaluate the sound of an audio processor meaningfully is by subjective listening tests. Certain specifications are presented here to assure the engineer that they are reasonable, to help plan the installation, and make certain comparisons with other processing equipment.

Except as noted, specifications apply for measurements from the analog left/right input to the analog #1 and analog #2 output.

Orban's all-digital 9300 OPTIMOD-AM Audio Processor can help you achieve the highest possible audio quality in monophonic AM shortwave, medium wave and long wave broadcasts. OPTIMOD-AM delivers louder, cleaner, brighter, FM-like audio with an open, fatigue-free quality that attracts listeners and holds them. Because all processing is performed by high-speed mathematical calculations within Motorola DSP56367 digital signal processing chips, the processing has cleanliness, quality, and stability over time and temperature that is unmatched by analog processors.

Key Features:

  • Rides Gain:
    The 9300 rides gain over an adjustable range of up to 25dB, compressing dynamic range and compensating for operator gain-riding errors and for gain inconsistencies in automated systems.
  • Increases the Density and Loudness of the Program Material
    The 9300 increases the density and loudness of the program material by multiband limiting and multiband distortion-canceling clipping, improving the consistency of the station's sound and increasing loudness and definition without producing audible side effects.
  • Precisely Controls Peak Levels
    The 9300 precisely controls peak levels to prevent overmodulation.
  • Compensates for the High and Low-Frequency Rolloffs
    The 9300 compensates for the high- and low-frequency rolloffs of typical AM receivers with a fully adjustable program equalizer providing up to 20dB of high-frequency boost (at 5 kHz) without producing the side effects encountered in conventional processors. This equalizer can thus produce extreme pre emphasis that is appropriate for very narrow-band radios. The 9300's fully parametric low- and mid-frequency equalizers allow you to tailor your air sound to your precise requirements and desires. The 9300 also fully supports the NRSC standard pre emphasis curve.
  • Two Mono Analog Outputs and AES3 Digital Inputs and Outputs
    The 9300 includes analog and AES3 digital inputs and outputs. Both the digital input and the two digital outputs are equipped with sample-rate converters and can operate at 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates. The preemphasis status and output levels are separately adjustable for the analog and digital outputs.
  • Test and Alignment
    A Bypass Test Mode can be invoked locally, by remote control (from either the 9300’s GPI port or the 9300 PC Remote application), or by automation to permit broadcast system test and alignment or “proof of performance” tests.