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Wheatstone E-1-12 Channel IP Radio Console +

Wheatstone E-1-12 Channel IP Radio Console


The E-1-12 offers incredible mix-minus flexibility, with a mix-minus output from every input channel that can use any console bus as its reference mix. Each channel also has direct to source talkback and auto-switching between on-air and offline mix-minus.ÿIts 99 show presets, programmable soft switches, router based source and monitor control, and multiple frame sizes all make the E-1-12 an ideal addition for any studio size and use.


Whether you need to outfit one control room or several, using minimum space and adhering to a tight budget, the E-1-12 is for you. With its small footprint, built-in touch pad, and full feature set, the E-1-12 puts the power of a much larger console into a size appropriate for even the most cramped news booth or voice tracking room.
Comfortable as a standalone workstation (when used with an IP88CBE) or as a part of the WheatNet-IP network along side our E-6, E-4 and Sideboard, the E-1-12 is ready for the future. The compact E-1-12 Control Surface Console and included IP88CBE Console Audio BLADE provide all the networked control, mixing, I/O and DSP needed for small to mid-sized studios at a price comparable to similar sized standalone analog consoles. The E-1-12 features an integrated LCD Monitor for metering and control, a streamlined user interface with password-protected access to complex functions via LCD display and touchpad, and four main mix busses as well as control room and studio monitor outputs with selectable sources from the audio network. Complex mix-minus setups are made simple thanks to per channel mix-minus outputs with selectable reference mix and talkback interrupt.


  • Digital control surface in compact frame.
  • Integrated LCD monitor for metering and control.
  • Monitor/channel display area is angled for better ergonomics and display view.
  • Streamlined user interface with password protected access to complex functions via LCD display and touchpad.
  • 4 main mix busses.
  • Control room and studio monitor outputs with selectable sources from audio network.
  • Per channel mix-minus output with selectable reference mix and talkback interupt.
  • Complete mix-minus setups made simple.
  • Auto switching between off-line mix and online mix-minus per channel.
  • 99 show presets.
  • Available in frames to house 4, 8, 12 and 16 input faders.
  • Includes IP88CBE Console Audio BLADE.



Ethernet: RJ-45, for use in a WheatNet-IP network, or for external computer control and programming of the console.
Mixer: RJ-45, for use with WheatNet systems
Keyboard: PS/2
Headphone: DB-9, line level stereo
Power: Dual jacks for redundant PSU

Surface front to back 16 3/4"/42.5cm
Cutout front to back 13 1/8"/33cm
Setback from front edge to cutout 1 1/4"/3.2cm
Height at front 3/4"/2cm Height at rear 3 5/8"/9cm
Maximum depth below counter surface 2 7/8"/7.3cm

IP88-3CBE Console BLADE
The IP88-3CBE provides powerful interface options, including four AES inputs, four stereo analog inputs, four AES outputs, and four stereo analog outputs on RJ45s; control room and studio stereo analog outputs on XLRs, two mic level inputs with gain trim and switchable phantom power on XLRs; cue and headphone outputs on both RJ45 and 1/4" TRS and 12 GPI logic ports on RJ45, plus EQ and Dynamics processing.


PSE-1 Power Supply

Clean and proper power is key to the great performance you’ve come to expect from Wheatstone. It would be easy to just purchase over-the-counter power supplies for our E-Series Consoles. But we don’t. In order to maintain our high level of quality we've designed and built a dedicated separate rackmount supply for our E-6 surfaces.

19"/48.3cm wide, 1-3/4"/4.5cm high, 12-1/4"/31.1cm deep
Redundancy: use two PSE-1s |
Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 50-60Hz, 180 Watts


E-1 frames are available to house 4, 8, 12 and 16 input faders
4 panel frame surface: 16 1/8"/41cm cutout 14 1/2"/37cm wide
8 panel frame surface: 22 1/2"/57cm cutout 20 7/8"/53cm wide
12 panel frame surface: 28 7/8"/73cm cutout 27 1/4"/69cm wide
16 panel frame surface: 35 1/4"/90cm cutout 33 5/8"/85cm wide