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Wheatstone EDGE IP Audio Transport Interface

Wheatstone EDGE IP Audio Transport Interface



Network EDGE is designed specifically as a translator between high-quality, low-latency studio networks such as WheatNet-IP and low-bandwidth STL connectivity options such as IP wireless radios.

IP wireless radios in the unlicensed 5 or 24 GHz range are priced from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Typically located at the studio, the Network EDGE interfaces directly to an IP wireless radio or commercial leased line for point-to-point connectivity between locations. Network EDGE can be used with any of the major IP radio brands currently on the market. When used within the WheatNet-IP system, with a Network EDGE at one end and a BLADE at the other, this opens up a world of possibilities based on BLADE I/O functionality such as silence detection, clip player, logic for automation, et al. 

The Network EDGE is AES67 compatible, and includes local I/O (two AES and two stereo analog) and 12 programmable logic ports.



  • IP Wireless STL (half-duplex) compatible
  • AES67 compatible
  • 2 programmable logic ports (GPIO)
  • 4 audio inputs: 2 AES/2 analog
  • Compatible with WheatNet-IP BLADEs for control functions
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • 1RU, no fans
  • Ethernet port