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Omnirax Air Studio A-11-8-S/ST-L/R

Omnirax Air Studio A-11-8-S/ST-L/R


Product Description

This versatile layout is designed to sit in the middle of a room with one side placed against a wall. Rear of rack is open for easy power entry. Base configuration features one upper (above counter) rack on an 8 inch raised cable column, and one lower (below counter) rack. Cable grommets are logically placed on the countertop and cable column. G-Bar raceway routes cables from one end to the other. Main cover opens to raceway on guest side, opposite board operator. Available options include a choice of Guest Wings and/or a countertop cut-out for your drop in console. Alternate rack configurations are available as well. 


Please note: Illustrations are shown with consoles, microphones, and rack equipment, none of which are included.

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