Biquad Hello 2 - Modular Telephone Hybrids

Biquad Hello 2 - Modular Telephone Hybrid

HELLO interfaces were developed for professional use in Radio and TV stations, recording studios, production, mobile units, podcast, etc.

Rack version with two HELLO units mounted on standard 19” rack adapter panel. It also comes with rubber feet to facilitate its installation and support on furniture, tables or other equipment.

The HELLO line's hybrid telephone interface allows the extraction of audio from the telephone line and the introduction of any audio signal on the line.

This equipment is used to put the listener's voice on the air through a console or mixing console, at the same time, return to the listener the voice of the announcer or program from the mixing console or table (minus the signal of the hybrid itself - known as mix-minus).

The telephone interface is like a device a telephone device without the handset (hook). Thus, when the listener speaks, the voice signal is extracted from the telephone line through the hybrid and sent to the mixing desk (or console), the desk (or console) then controls the level that will be transmitted.


  • Fully electronic hybrid telephone interface.
  • Use of high quality audio transformers at audio input and output for complete signal isolation. • Does not need mains power supply.
  • Protective circuit against voltage surges in the telephone network.
  • Input audio gain control for feedback to the listener allowing marriage to different mixing consoles available on the market.
  • Control of return to listener volume and audio output level on the front panel.
  • Telephone line controller switches with busy line and call in progress indicator leds.
  • Professional XLR-type audio input and output connectors with balanced signal.
  • Professional RJ45-type audio input and output connectors with balanced signal compatible with Axia®, Wheatstone®, StudioHub®, among other manufacturers that have adopted analog audio standard running on CAT5e network cable. 
  • Standard RJ-11 (6p4) telephone line input and output connectors.
  • Fully independent audio inputs and outputs allowing interconference between listeners (function that must be managed by the audio mixing console).
  • 1 standard 19” wide rack unit for models: HELLO NANO, HELLO 1, HELLO 2 and HELLO 3.