305Broadcast - ON AIR Studio BASIC IP Package

On Air Studio BASIC IP Package - Complete Package for a Single Radio Stations to Upgrade from Analog.

The time has come to say goodbye to analog studio setups. Get ready to say "farewell" to audio hum from degraded cables, infinite tangles of cords to make inter-room connections, inflexibility, and so much more. 

Radio stations across the world are upgrading to IP (internet and data-based) systems because they perform exponentially better. There's less cable, less installation, and infinitely more flexibility when you use an IP system. 

Our On Air Studio BASIC IP Package is for Single Radio Stations ready to upgrade from analog. 

Find out if this is the right option for your station...or if we can offer an even better fit...by scheduling a quick consultation meeting with our expert team. 

Features and/or Benefits :

  • IP offers better long-term audio quality than analog
  • Ultimate flexibility with audio connections
  • Easily operate your board remotely -- from another room or another location entirely!

ON AIR Studio BASIC IP Package Includes: