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10KW UHF Digital TV Transmitter.

ABE'S Solid-State TV Transmitters and Transposers for digital and analog terrestrial Broadcasting are hi-end technology and performance, quality, and reliable products. They employ high performance driving units and wide band, highly efficient power amplifiers (low power consumption in comparison with the output power), using MOSFET and LD-MOS semiconductors, AB class polarized, properly precorrected in order to obtain the necessary linearity. Efficiency is further enhanced by the use of switch-mode power supplies, provided with PFC - Power Factor (cos. f) Corrector - in order to minimize reactive power consumption; which in medium and high power equipment is close to zero. Redundancy is another important feature of ABE's transmission systems; obtained through cold-standby or dual-drive configurations with automatic changeover units, as well as by more power amplifiers and power supplies operating in parallel. Digital TV transmitters and Transposers have modular construction and are equipped with easily replaceable units, taking advantage of SMD (Surface Mounting Device) technology to obtain high reliability, repetitiveness of production and extremely compact dimensions. Maintenance, as well as channel changing operations, are simple and easy to perform. An accurate product design, together with a wide range of available options, allow high versatility and enable conformity with the world's most important broadcasting standards, both digital (DVB-T, ATSC...) and analog (B, G, D, I, K, K1, M, N...). Among manufactured models, dual operating mode transmitters are particularly interesting and enable to employ the same unit to broadcast digital and analog signals alternatively, with the possibility of local, remote or automatic switching. When switching the operating mode, the transmitter, equipped with both analog and digital modulators (and, eventually, also with MPEG-2 encoders) automatically recalls different settings for output power and linearity precorrection. Likewise ABE also manufacture dual operating mode transposers which automatically recognise the input signal (either analog or digital) and recall the proper setting. Gap Fillers for OFDM standards (DVB-T, ISDB and so on) are also available. ABE's Transmitters and Transposers features also include: ? Extended measurement and control capabilities; effective protection systems including the automatic output power reduction function in case of specific alarm conditions (fold-back instead of tripping-out) ? Advanced telemetry and remote control systems ? High stability / low phase noise synthesised local oscillators, with frequency offset capability, also suitable for digital SFN operation (with GPS locked reference oscillator) ? Frequency-agile converters for VHF and UHF bands, with output channel front panel selection ? Linearity precorrectors and output filters to minimize in-band and outband intermodulation products and spurious signals ? AGC (Automatic Gain Control) with muting and soft start to avoid output power surges in the driving units ? ALC (Automatic Level Control) to stabilize the high power amplifier RF output level over a limited range ? Last-generation digital modulators and analog modulators provided with video processor (including AGC, Sync restore and digital clamp), high performance IF SAW filter and stereo/dual sound audio on request. DTX10000/U-DD General specifications: ? Output frequency range: UHF 470 to 860MHz in 1Hz steps ? Output Power: 10000Wavg (tol. +0/-1dB) ? Output connector: Flange 3+1/8? ? MER: 35dB (typ.; min. ? 32dB) ? Shoulders attenuation (before output filter): 38dB (typ.; min. ? 36dB) ? Housing: Nø 2 Rack Cabinet 19? 38U (depth 1000mm) ? Power consumption: ? 67KVA (typ. ; 80KVA max) ? Power supply: 400 Vac ñ10% 50/60Hz three phases (different power supplies and tolerances available on request).

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