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AEQ Arena

ARENA’s design concept satisfies the diverse working environments of radio station operations around the world. Easily configured for use in television, ARENA can be adapted for any operational requirement.


Perfectly suited as an ON-AIR console: fader start, cough muting, monitor muting, control room and studio signaling, intercom, monitoring of all signals present in the system, remote control of hybrids and codecs, etc.

Modular control panel with built-in configuration memory, combined with motorized faders and fader pages, and flexible designation of inputs and outputs to each fader. All major functions have their own exclusive buttons.

Each channel’s controls provide direct access to primary output busses or to the primary system functions. Simultaneous control of variables or multiple studios, and the capability to function as a Mix-Minus mixer with an unlimited number of N-1 circuits. In this mode of operation the control channels act as I/O channels.

Maximum security: Auto-start and configuration back-up. Hot-swappable boards. Optional full redundancy of system components.

Wide range of processing capability: equalization, dynamics, delay, and more.

AES 10 MADI module: for sending inputs and outputs over coax or fiber-optic cable.

32 programmable keys with associated displays for integration with other equipment: configured for specific system operation via software and firmware. General Purpose I/O inputs and outputs.


 - 15 FADERS WITH UP TO 9 DIFFERENT PAGES ( up to 45 different faders assignments)
 - 7 AES-EBU /SPDIF Digital Stereo Inputs
 - 4 AES-EBU / SPDIF Digital Stereo Outputs
 - 4 MIC Inputs Transformer Balanced with Phantom Power
 - 12 Mono (6 ST) Analogue Inputs 
 - 12 Mono (6 ST) Analogue Outputs
 - 2 Headphones Stereo Outputs ( Primary and Secondary)

 - PFLSpeakers, 2 Vu-meters, Control Headphone Amplifier , Talkback input, 20 GPI/O




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