AEQ Capitol IP TT

AEQ Capitol IP TT


CAPITOL IP is an 8 channel digital mixing console. Its performance is based on the AEQ CAPITOL console and the experience gained with this model.

The control surface has been redesigned with new silent buttons, more programmable keys and a new arrangement of the monitoring section controls. IP connectivity in CAPITOL IP console is implemented through a single module with 16 input and 16 output channels incorporated in its core, and excludes MADI connectivity. So the rear panel is similar to the former model with two pre-cut holes for both Ethernet connectors. CAPITOL IP consoles can have a single multichannel access: IP or MADI. Depending on the configuration, the unit may come either with the Ethernet connectors or the MADI optical connector - or without any of these options - but never with both at the same time. 

Ultra-compact digital audio mixer for radio and television with black control surface (silver also available) and associated audio engine
- 4 mic/line inputs
- 4 stereo AES/EBU digital audio inputs (possible to setup as SPDIF)
- 12 mono analogue inputs (possible to 6 stereos)
- 2 USB stereo digital inputs and outputs
- 4 stereo AES/EBU digital audio outputs (possible to setup as SPDIF)
- 8 mono analogue outputs (possible to 4 stereos)
- Single power supply
- Table-top control surface
- AoIP 16ch module not included. Incompatible with MADI opción.

 *Do not include monitor and/or Capitol Screen Sotware*


Optional modules   

CAPITOL DANTE Audio module over IP 16ch
CAPITOL FA  Redudant power supply (max one per console)
CAPITOL HYB   Dual line digital teelphone hybrid (max one per console)
CAPITOL MADI MADI Module   64 x bi-directional audio channels via 2 x fibre optic ports, Fully AES10 compatible (max one per console)
CP CAB I/O  CAPITOL connection cable for 4 analog mono or 4 AES/EBU or S-PDIF inputs or outputs.
CP CAB GPO CAPITOL connection cable for "General Purpose Outputs"  - GPO.
CapitolScreen  CapitolScreen - External Display SW (valid for PC or Touchscreen + Windows. Not included)
VirtualCapitol VirtualCapitol - Remote Control Software (valid for PC or Touchscreen + Windows. Not included)