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Andrew MT050B-81015 Dehydrator

The MT050B is a superior alternative to bottled nitrogen gas and desiccant dehydrators, especially at remote sites. The unit minimizes the maintenance associated with nitrogen tanks and manually regenerative systems. The MT050B uses automatic pressure sensing and microprocessor control to activate and deactivate an air compressor, operating only when needed to maintain pressure in an internal reservoir tank, improving efficiency for reduced wear and maintenance.ÿ The MT050B features an Electronic Compressor Control Module that incorporates precise pressure sensing with microprocessor control circuitry to control compressor cycles and provide system monitoring.ÿThe unit also features reduced noise and minimum vibration. This membrane is designed to operate at 50 psi, increasing compressor life up to 100% over the older 90 psi membrane units.ÿ The MT050B is designed to mount in an equipment rack, set on a shelf, or on the floor. The MT050B provides front access for the maintenance and operational controls. Power, air, and alarm connections of the MT050B are accessible from the rear of the cabinet. Standard Alarms The MT050B includes a low-pressure alarm, excess run alarm, and power fail alarm. The standard alarm package provides a single contact closure for the three alarms, functioning as a summary alarm, as well as discrete contacts for each alarm. An approved terminal block is provided for the alarm outputs. Electrical Connections Units designed for use throughout the world. The ac input to the compressor is rated for both 50 and 60 Hz operation. Units are equipped with a UL/CSA cord set or a stripped leads harmonized cord set. Features:

  • Digital LCD display for alarm and system status
  • Dual display modes for system status and last event
  • Compressor run-time alarm

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