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Artic Palm Center Stage Live CSRDS

Artic Palm Center Stage Live CSRDS


CSRDS is the link between the Radio Automation System, Satellite Services, and the data casting devices and services. These include the any combination of RDS\RBDS encoders, Digital Systems, Web site and Internet Streaming Services. Moving beyond the traditional processes send your metadata to TuneIn.Com or add our CSSocial module and automatically post to your Twitter and/or FaceBook accounts.

For non automation periods or prerecorded long play segments the Now Playing information can also be added using the Center Stage Live'sCSLogIt. Send metadata on-the-fly, from a predefined song list or automatically via the CSLogIt Playlist.

In addition to the Now Playing events, CSRDS can also feed promotional, informational and commercial messages as scheduled using theCSScheduler module and/or downloaded from various web sites. Based on user definable criteria, CSRDS will automatically switch between local automation, satellite services or playlist entries as required. Promotional, Information and Commercial messages will be rotated into the display or added based on events in the automation system link.

Once captured, the information will be maintained for a user definable period of time and may be viewed, printed or exported to other application via the Metadata Reporting features in CSScheduler including event verification via the Inovonics 633


While Center Stage Live is a complete toolkit for scheduling and delivering copy the RDS features include 3 key modules. They are:

CSScheduler is used to schedule promotional messages by station, date, day-of-week, time-of-day OR to "Trigger" a message based on what is playing in the automation system.

CSWeather will capture information from Web sites. Local weather forecast and alerts can be downloaded from the National Weather Service in the US and local weather forecast from Environment Canada in Canada. We can also capture now playing information from your BDS Neilson data on your web site when not using the automation system and if desired this module can also be customized to download information from specific subscription sites for sports updates, traffic, etc. (A one time customization fee will be charged based on the site and complexity of the data to be captured) 

CSRDS is the actual metadata handling module. This program captures and merges data from a variety of input sources and sends it to any combination of RDS Encoders, Web Sites, Digital Radio systems, On-line streams, or for use in other applications. Music and "Triggered" events will be sent to all configured outputs but promotional messages, weather forecast, etc may be blocked from any one or more outputs.  

Non-Automation Systems

If you are not using and automation system for the entire broadcast day, Center Stage Live has some special modules designed to include now playing data for the the day parts where the automation system is not in use. This may be when music is played from CDs Tapes, MP3, etc, or for repeat broadcasts, or delayed for broadcast in other time zones. 

RDS\RBDS Encoders

Depending on your RDS/RBDS encoder, there are three types of messages sent to the RDS enabled device (FM Receiver, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, etc) These are PS, RT and DPS. In addition to the text messages, the RDS\RBDS encoder also sends the Program Identifier (PI) that identifies your station and Program Type (PT) which identifies the station's format and for RT+ enabled devices an RT+ code to identify the song and artist allowing the listener to purchase and download the song.


Program Service Name: The station’s “street name” that will appear on the receiver faceplate display. The PS can be up to eight characters in length (including spaces) and can be as simple as the station’s call letters (“KNAB” or “KNAB FM”) or a slogan (“THE HAWK” or “FM96”). The Program Service Name is automatically displayed on all RDS enabled devices. 


This is the Radio Text which is a 64-character "scrolling" message containing the artist and title information, promotional message, weather forecast, etc. This message is also sent to RDS enabled devices but may require the listener to press an "Info" button to see this message and some RDS receivers DO NOT display Radio Text.


Due to the limitations of some receivers to display Radio Text, several RDS/RBDS encoders have a Dynamic Program Service or DPS option. When used, the 64-character message is broken into 8 character segments and will automatically display in the PS area of the RDS enabled device. Check your RDS Encoder manual for restrictions and details. 


The RT+ code is a special code sent via the RDS\RBDS encoder to RT+ enabled devices such as Microsoft's Zune MP3 Player allowing the listener to purchase and download the current song. This can be done immediately if the device is connected to the internet via a wireless link or at any time for RT+ enabled devices such as cell phones. When connected, the album art can be displayed and if desired, the listener may preview a few seconds of the song or purchase and download the song to the device. If not connected, the "tag" is saved and the option is available when the RT+ device is connected.


The Program Identifier or PI is a hex code included in the RDS signal that identifies the station and becomes   the “digital signature” of the station. In the US this is identified by a formula based on the station's call letters. For Example, station KNAB would have a PI of 3255. For Canadian stations, Industry Canada has posted a spreadsheet created by the CBC to calculate Canadian PI codes on their web site at 


The PTY or Program Type is a pre-defined code and is a number between 01 and 31.Many RDS receivers are able to seek the listener’s preferred format automatically. This means that a car radio can switch from a fading station to a stronger one that carries the same variety of music. The PTY function of RDS helps a broadcaster catch ‘transient audience’ share. CSRDS provides the ability to schedule different PTY settings for different Days, Day of Week and Time of Day. 

Digital Radio

Data to HD Radio systems is sent via drivers used under license from iBiquity Corporation while data is sent to other systems via TCP/IP formatted using the DAB.XML template. The template can be modified to meet your requirements by creating a DAB.XML file and adding the necessary tags required by the service and placing the Center Stage merge codes where the data is to appear. More information on Templates is available on our Templates Page and the Template Programmers Guide may be downloaded from ourDownload Page.


All of the same metadata sent to the RDS or HD system can be sent to your Streaming player. Streaming data can be sent via TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, with HTTP authentication.  Since each streaming company captures data in different formats, CSRDS formats the data using a user definable template. A template is a text file in the format required by the streaming site with "merge codes" defining where the information is to be added. Templates for Stream The World and Ando are included in the Center Stage Live Installation set. More information on Templates is available on our Templates Page and the Template Programmers Guide may be downloaded from our Download Page.

Web Site

CSRDS will also send both now playing and a playlist history to your web site via an FTP upload. Like the stream, this data is formatted with a user definable template. Normally an XML file but it can be any format required by your web developer. Sample Templates Now Playing and the Playlist history are included in the Center Stage Live installation set. More information on Templates is available on our Templates Page and the Template Programmers Guide may be downloaded from our Download Page.

Basic RDS Features

  • Support for most of the major Automation Systems

  • Support for the most popular RDS encoders

  • Schedule promotional/sponsor message by Station, Date, Day of Week and Time of Day

  • Schedule promotional/sponsor messages for a specific time of day

  • Schedule “Triggered” promotional/sponsor messages based on an event in the on-air system.

  • Day Part triggered promotional or sponsor messages for time appropriate messages

  • RT+ support for the Inovonics 730, FMB80, and Axel Tiger Shark allowing listeners to preview, purchase and download songs on RT+ enabled devices such as Microsoft's Zune and Apple's IPOD media players.

  • Station Branding showing station ID when lost in Dynamic PS

  • User definable formats “PAINT IT BLACK BY THE ROLLING STONES ON KNAB-FM”  or “The Rolling Stones With Paint It Black on KNAB-FM”, etc.

  • User definable “templates” for Web Designers, Streaming systems or any other application as desired. Simply add our merge codes to a text file and CSRDS will format the information as required.

  • Input from automation system via IP (TCP/IP or UDP), Serial port or a Disk File.

  • Output to Encoders via IP (TCP/IP or UDP) or Serial Port

  • Output to Web via FTP formatted in Now Playing and Play List template

  • Output to stream via IP (TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, URL) based on Merge template

  • Output to internal disk file formatted in Now Playing and Play List Template

  • PTY Scheduling by station, day of week and time of day. E.g. Country during the week, Religious on Sunday mornings.

  • Encoder command line for direct communication with the encoder

  • On-Line Help and PDF user Manuals included

  • Reliable, accurate and so much more.


Advance RDS Features

  • Message Verification for selected RDS\RBDS messages with Audit File reporting

  • Automatic switching between satellite feeds and local automation system

  • Support for multiple now playing files from a single instance of CSRDS

  • Support for now playing data from non-automation system sources (CSLogIt, CSRAS)

  • Send data to any combination of output devices...RDS/RBDS encoder is NOT required

  • Capture and store now playing information for 90 days

  • Alternate PS  for Dynamic PS

  • "Promo between Songs" and "End Cart" messages options to remove old songs from Web Site and Stream

  • Automatically add local weather to the display via CSWeather

  • Capture now playing from Nielson BDS feed on your web site for non-automation periods

  • Web based templates ensuring all stations use the same format

  • Import text from other applications (News systems, word processing software, etc)

  • Templates included for Now Playing, Play List, Stream The World(2) and ANDO, Tunegennie

  • "Port Aware" processing allowing multiple automation systems to feed the same outputs. E.g.. Satellite for part of the day and local system for the rest of the day or Commercials from one automation system and music from another, etc.

  • Run multiple instances of CSRDS on a single PC (multiple stations, HD/HD2/HD3, etc)

  • Schedule School and Travel messaging to override ALL messages during major traffic and weather events

  • Remote messaging via "authenticated" copies of CSScheduler with Sports Caster and CSReporter

  • Short Term message scheduling via CSLive for on-air staff

  • Contest and Call Show data from our CS Contest Management and CS Call Management package

  • Value Added commercial messages with Pre-fix. E.g. Sponsored by Dave's Pizza

  • Artist and Title filter to remove copy after an Asterisk  E.g. Title entered as "House Call **Early Version" will display as "House Call"

  • Artist Name reversal. E.g. Artist entered as Shannon,Dell shows as Dell Shannon

  • Runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP all Versions, Vista All Versions and Windows 7

  • Advanced Error Trapping with auto-restart for minimal manual intervention


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