Audioarts Lightning Hibryd 16 Channel Radio Console

Audioarts Lightning Hibryd 16 Channel Radio Console


Analog / Digital Radio Mixer with USB & Bluetooth

Audioarts Lightning strikes that perfect balance between analog and digital.

It combines the best in a standalone console with the latest in modern conveniences such as USB and Bluetooth® connectivity.

Lightning comes in 12- or 16-channel tabletop configurations and has a modular design with four channel input panels, and a Master/Monitor panel with linear faders for headphone and control room level control. All faders are conductive plastic and all switches are LED illuminated. Input channels have A/B source selection, with balanced line in for the A source and trimmable -10 to +4 line in on B.

Standard features include four stereo program buses, two auto mix-minuses for call-ins, four mic preamps with variable gain trim and switchable +48V phantom power, plus built-in headphone jack and CUE speaker amplifiers. Additional four channel mic preamp cards can be fitted if needed.

Lightning is designed for studios that have mostly microphone or analog source inputs, and where a lot of studio routing isn’t required. It doesn’t have the extensive A/D, D/A conversions of a typical digital board, yet you have access to editing software, Skype or other external sources through USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

USB and Bluetooth connectivity onboard is useful for playing audio directly from a PC or to output audio to edit in VoxPro or other recording software, as well as receive and record calls from Bluetooth enabled cellphones or play cuts from MP3 players.

The console also contains a patchable AES input for connecting a digital source to any fader, and built-in A/D conversion for the main program output so operators can access the Program Air feed as balanced analog, AES3 digital, or both simultaneously.

 While it looks and feels like its Wheatstone cousins, this digitally controlled analog console operates as a full standalone board. Cue thunderous applause.


Lightning 16 configuration:

  • 18 Input Faders
  • 4 Microphone Input Channels
  • 12 Stereo Input Channels
  • 2 Phone channels with Mix-Minus feed
  • 1 USB Input Channel
  • 4 Stereo Program Busses
  • Control Room, Headphone, & Studio Monitor feeds
  • Selectable Control Room Monitor muting logic
  • 2 Large VU meter pairs with peak indicators
  • Internal Cue Speaker and On-Air tally display
  • RJ-45 connectors for low cost wiring
  • Power Supply and Operation & Installation Manual included


Lightning 16 specification:


- Direct wire plug terminals, balanced 
- Electronic differential >2KΩ bridging 
- Adjustable sensitivity, max. input -4dBu
Line (Caller, External):
- RJ-45 balanced, >10KΩ bridging
- +4dBu = 0VU, max. input +28dBu
Program & Caller:
- RJ-45 connectors, balanced
- Electronic differential, 100Ω source 
- Impedance to drive >600Ω
- 0VU = +4dBu, max. output +28dBu
CR & Studio Monitor:
- RJ-45 connectors, unbalanced 
- Stereo 1/4” TRS connector to directly drive typical broadcast style headphones >200Ω
- Cue speaker in meterbridge
- RJ-45 connector output to drive external power amp
On-Air: Low current        closure to drive external on-air light relay - 
Channel Start output
- Remote On input
- Remote Off input 
Frequency Response: ±0.2dB 20Hz-20kHz (mic & line) 
Dynamic Range:
- Line (unity gain): 110dB
- Mic (54dB gain): 104dB
Headroom: 24dB above +4dBu
Noise Mic: -128dB IN 
Line: -86dB ref 0VU
- Mic: <0.02% @-50dBu in, +4dBu out 
- Line: <0.003% @+4dBu in, +4dBu out
Bus Crosstalk: -117dB @1kHz
Stereo Separation: -86dB @1kHz
Off Isolation: -115dB @1kHz
- 36.75”/93.34cm wide 
20.125”/51.12cm deep
- 5.375”/13.65cm high (rear)
- 1.25”/3.17cm high (front)
Weight:30 lbs/13.61kg
Shipping Dimensions:
45”/114.3cm wide
- 28”/71.12cm deep
- 11”/27.94cm high 
Shipping Weight:42 lbs/19.05kg 
AC Power:100-240VAC/50-60Hz/50W
- 19”/48.26cm wide (rackmount)
- 1.75”/4.44cm high
- 13.25”/33.65cm deep (add 2.25”/5.71cm for rear connectors)
Weight: 9 lbs/4.08kg
Cable length: 16 ft/4.88m (power supply to console)
Shipping Dimensions: 
25”/63.5cm wide 
- 21”/53.34cm deep
- 4”/10.16cm high 
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs/5kg