B-STOCK Tieline Merlin IP Audio Codec

B-STOCK - Tieline Merlin IP Audio Codec

B-Stock Items are items used in our showrrom that we sell in second hand. However we still honor the manufactues original warranty on us

Remote Contribution IP Audio Codec (Up to 2 Remotes)


The Tieline Merlin IP audio codec delivers reliable, high fidelity IP audio over an extensive range of public and private IP networks.

This 1RU rack mount IP codec delivers high quality bidirectional stereo and full duplex communications for point-to-point and remote broadcast connections. It is ideal for studio and remote truck installations and features:

• High reliability over IP networks without Quality of Service
• Powerful audio and data routing
• Simple local or remote command and control
• Recallable connection programs

It features dual 1 Gigabit (10/100/1000) onboard Ethernet ports, dual redundant power supplies, audio silence detection and IP network backup solutions to ensure you're always on the air. Automated network failure detection provides switching to a backup IP LAN connection.

Merlin is specifically designed to deliver a wide variety of point-to-point and remote broadcast connections over the full suite of wired and wireless IP networks, including:

• Public Wide Area Networks (WANs)
• Private Local Area Networks (LANs)
• 3G and 4G wireless Networks
• Wi-Fi and WiMAX Network

Since it is not always possible to connect over IP networks with Quality of Service (QoS) in today's increasingly agile remote broadcast environment, Merlin will work with Tieline's SmartStream technology to replace synchronous links with affordable IP.

SmartStream software is designed to withstand and adapt effortlessly to variable IP network conditions during short or long broadcasts. Using the latest SmartStream IP technology, Merlin is capable of automatically delivering seamless bidirectional audio over wireless connections, which may be susceptible to packet loss over time.

SmartStream supports both IPv4 and IPv6 (Dual Stack) protocols, so with Merlin broadcasters can be assured that they are set for well into the future. Merlin lets you connect over IP with any SIP-enabled IP codec brand that supports the EBU N/ACIP tech 3326 standard, as well as VoIP telephone devices supporting G.711 and G.722.

Merlin is capable of 16-24bit 22kHz low latency linear PCM audio at up to 48kHz sampling and features E-apt-X, LC-AAC, HE-AAC v1 and v2 (optional), MPEG Layer II, Tieline Music and MusicPLUS, G.722 and G.711 algorithms. Asymmetric encoding and decoding lets you send high quality audio in one direction and save on data by sending low bandwidth comms or program on the return channel.

Merlin will connect to all Tieline IP broadcast codecs, including G3, Bridge-IT and Genie codecs as well as Report-IT Enterprise smartphone applications.

Tieline Merlin Features:
• DSP based architecture
• 24-Bit 48kHz audio sampling
• Dual 1 Gig (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports
• Dual redundant AC power supplies
• User-programmable matrix audio mixer for bidirectional stereo program, plus low latency IFB and full duplex communications
• Uncompressed PCM audio plus algorithms including E-apt-X; LC-AAC, HE-AAC v1 and v2, MPEG Layer II, Tieline Music and MusicPLUS, G.722 and G.711
• IPv4 & IPv6 compatible
• Asymmetric algorithmic encode/decode
• Integrated alarm management including silence detection
• G5 Toolbox GUI enables remote codec control over WANs
• Codec Management System compatible for codec network management
• Tieline TieServer* compatible
• Low latency in-band RS-232 aux data channel (supported in multiunicast and multicast modes)
• Programmable rules engine
• Streamlined codec wizards and graphical user interface
• Support for multiple languages*: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Chinese
• Connect to all Tieline IP codecs and Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition

*Supported in later releases

*Supported in later releases.