BSI WaveCart 5.0 Lite

WaveCart 5.0 is the latest version of BSI's award-winning, original on-screen cart-machine replacement that's being used by thousands of broadcasters around the World.

Now with support for Windows 7 32bit in addition to Windows XP Pro 32bit! WaveCart 5.0 Lite introduces a new low cost option for getting into WaveCart, without the extended features some users don't need, and at a lower cost.

WaveCart displays up to 10 on-screen players, each of which can be sent to a different sound card output. Additionaly, you can instantly play back audio files with 24 configurable HotKeys

Each deck has an Elapsed and Remaining timer, plus an Intro Countdown and a clear label containing information about the file being played including Artist/Description, Title/Advertiser & OutCue.

Decks and HotKeys can be played manually using a touch-screen, keyboard buttons, or mouse.

Stacks of up to 10 decks and multiple sets of HotKeys can be easily saved for instant recall at any time; and can be automatically sequenced with overlap or even looped to provide background audio, or announcement system (especially when combined with multiple Virtual Carts, and the new scheduled stack loading feature).

WaveCart 5.0 is now exclusively licensed using a USB Hardware Key dongle making it easy to move the software between computers.