Burk AC Current Sensor

Burk 910-093-001


Key Features

  • Factory matched and calibrated single piece transducer is more accurate than traditional two-piece field installed solutions.

  • "Average Responding" algorithm gives an RMS output on pure sine waves. Perfect for constant speed (linear) loads.

  • Jumper-selectable input range reduces inventory and eliminates zero and span pots.

  • Ouput is magnetically isolated from the input for safety.

  • Insertion loss (voltage drop) is eliminated through isolation.

  • UL, cUL, and CE approved


Combined Transformer and Signal Conditioner

The AC Current Sensor combines a transformer and a signal conditioner into one package. The AC Current Sensor has a selectable input range and an industry standard 0-5VDC output. The AC Current Sensor is designed for application on "linear" or sinusoidal AC loads and is housed in a solid-core case.