BW Broadcast Ariane Encore - Audio Leveler

Ariane Encore Audio Leveler



Double award winning 'Ariane'rules when it comes to transparent RMS leveling.

For most radio engineers, the Ariane needs no introduction. It pre-processes and brings less capable broadcast boxes to life, or it protects an STL - or is a standalone streaming processor.



The transparent sound is well known about, mainly from the sophisticated IDR window gating technology which effectively puts this processor into a state of frozen activity for 90% of the operation. It reacts occasionally, quickly and then goes to sleep. Has to be heard to be believed. Hearing is believing. 

Ariane RMS audio leveling keeps your audio loud, free from pumping, and with a touch of stereo enhancement if required. This award winning AGC will rock your audio. 

A unique dynamic release window gating system freezes gain control for 90% of the time, offering fast responding but impossible to ‘hear in operation’ audio control. 

The multi-mode operation provides flexibility, with the Sum and difference mode offering controllable stereo enhancement, and multi-path reduction for FM radio stations. 

Plan B Silence Detection and Source Switching automatically reverts to auxiliary audio sources or onboard flash memory, keeping your broadcast on air. 

A flexible and versatile action and alerts system brings together back panel GPIO at digital and analog levels of your choosing, integrating it with an easy to set up ‘do this when’ and ‘do this now’ set of actions. 

To really get a feel of the countless features of this unit, please download the data-sheet. You will be surprised how well this unit pulls in, rebuilds and re-broadcasts your signal.