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BW Broadcast ModMon encore - FM & MPX Modulation Monitor

ModMon encore FM & MPX Modulation Monitor



There are Modulation monitors, there are MPX decoders, there are metering devices, there are test sets – but never all in one package – before now. The ultimate modulation monitor.

The ModMon encore combines the technology from our award winning receivers and combines it with our lab reference grade audio processing technology to bring you a single box capable of analyzing both FM and baseband signals. If you are doing anything with an FM or MPX signal – this box is what you need.



• FM, MPX & RDS Decoding, metering & analysis

• Monitor two FM frequencies and / or two MPX inputs simataneously

• One button analysis comparison of you and your competition, or two audio processors.

• Stereo ( MPX ) generation

• Peak limiting with advanced anti-aliased protection distortion control

• HTML5, FTP, Telnet, SNMP & RS232 Remote Control with IP streaming


ModMon Encore comes with two identical tuners, which allow comparison of two different radio stations with instant DSP crossfading. In addition to two DSP tuners, there are two multiplex inputs that enable audio processors to be compared. 

Anyone working with FM or MPX signal will find this product incredibly useful and easy to use. Receiving both RF modulation as well as FM signal in one unit makes it easier to make adjustments and ensure you won't over modulate. 

The Encore Range of products are incredibly stylish, they have dual OLED screens and a rotary lighting ring, making them intuitive and fun to use. The menu structures are clean and simple, making navigation easy. All the info you need is at your fingertips, you won't need to go hunting around to find that illusive feature you want to use.