BW Broadcast RBRX Encore - Rebroadcast Receiver

RBRX Encore Rebroadcast Receiver



Have you ever struggled to pick up and re-broadcast your transmission signal? Did it work fine when you set it up but ever since you've been having problems? You are not alone. Crowded transmitters sites with neighbouring high power signals can cause some re-broadcast receivers to struggle and give you on going technical headaches you could really do without.

Whether you are setting up an new installation or looking to improve an existing, make sure you choose a re-broadcast receiver that can pull in weak signal and re-broadcast with clarity even at difficult sites with changing conditions.



• 2 DSP tuners

• Advanced DSP receiver

• State-of-the-art DSP stereo encoder

• Free upgrades for future Audio, IP and backup features

• Analogue and digital inputs

• Two composite outputs

• RDS decoder and re-encoder

• Ethernet remote control

• Alarms, triggers & email alerts

• SNMP remote

• 10 yr warranty


The award winning RBRX1 was widely regarded as the 'best re-broadcast receiver on the market' so improving on it has been no easy task. The RBRX Encore offers all the features of the RBRX1 and then some. 

This premium rebroadcast receiver has two tuner cards as standard and a whole host of new industry first features, including but not limited to dual tuner diversity blending using advanced polarisation multi-path cancelling techniques. There's still the multi-band L-R adaptive stereo noise reduction pioneered by the RBRX1. 

The user has full control of dozen's of audio and RF settings, including audio and IF bandwidths, de-emphasis and blending for stereo, HF and ultrasonic noise. Control of blending levels and attack & release times is also possible. 

For re-transmission applications, the RBRX Encore adds DSP enhanced MPX outputs that reconstruct a clean peak level and bandwidth limited waveform, eliminating worries about studio transmitter link overshoots. We had amazing feedback from users about the RBRX1's sound quality. You'll be pleased to know the RBRX Encore is even better, thanks to its enhanced DSP audio limiter and stereo generator, both with continued industry leading levels of backend aliasing distortion. 

It has increased RDS Encoder capabilities, with more monitor and decode facilities if you want to use it as an analyser or monitor. RDS PI code checking prevents translators and repeaters from being hijacked or jammed.

Plan-B silence detection technology automatically switches to either of the analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs, or to the built in flash memory to keep broadcasting in the event of reception loss. 

As well as all the usual back-up options the RBRX Encore allows MP3 & AAC files to be stored on internal and external USB sticks. 

You can now stream demodulated audio over IP, so you don't need to be in the coverage area to listen and make adjustments. 

All adjustments, plus factory presets and user stored settings, can be accessed from the front panel or via Ethernet and serial connections. 

To really get a feel of the countless features of this unit, please download the data-sheet, or better yet, request a demo from your local dealer. You will be surprised how well this unit pulls in, rebuilds and re-broadcasts your signal.