D&R Studio Remote for Airence

D&R Studio Remote for Airence


The Studio Remote is designed to be the remote and communication interface between the mixing console and the announcer or guest. It has a built in headphone amp, 2 channel mixer and an remote switches with RED/GREEN LED indication. The Studio Remote Unit is the perfect solution for headphones amplifier and  CHOUGH/COMMUNICATION button for announcer and/or guest. There are 3 models, one for the D&R AIRLAB-DT, one for the AXUM mixers and one for both the AIRLITE and AIRENCE mixers.



  • Phones (Stereo Jack, front)
  • 150mW in to 16 Ohm
  • 75mW in to 32 Ohm
  • 45mW in to 64 Ohm
  • Width x Depth x Height:80x110x50mm
  • Drop through hole: 92x72mm
  • Front panel thickness is 2mm
  • Corner radius is R=4.00