Evertz Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System

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MViP is an IP based multi-image display & monitoring solution targeted at applications where simple and efficient monitoring of audio and video from an IP transport stream is required. It leverages industry leading AVM (Audio/Video Monitoring) technology from the MVP® to determine faults with the audio and video at the baseband level.

MViP has been developed to be used as a tool for digital headends, IPTV networks, and sites using IP for distribution with a requirement to monitor and display audio and video along with fault information and transport details on a simple-to-configure DVI based monitor.

MViP supports all major video compression standards, and therefore can be used in almost any application where video and audio are being transported over IP. MViP is SNMP-enabled, which allows VistaLINK® PRO to configure and store all monitoring values and alarms.