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Henry Engineering Stereomixer




StereoMixer is an 8-input, 2-output stereo mixer for line level sources. It is an ideal utility mixer that can be used to combine 4 stereo or 8 monaural sources.

StereoMixer can produce either a stereo or mono output, selected by the Output Mode switch. In Stereo mode, 4 stereo sources are combined to a stereo output. In Mono mode, all 8 inputs are combined to a mono output. Each input will accept either a balanced or unbalanced source.

A level control for each input provides adjustment from OFF to +10 dB of gain. All circuitry is direct-coupled and transformerless for absolute sonic integrity. Audio inputs and outputs are via plug-in euroblock connectors.

StereoMixer is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wall-mounted with optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. StereoMixer is powered by an internal AC power supply.


Technical Specifications
Input Level -10 to +8 dBm
Input Impedance 20K ohms bal, 10K ohms unbal
Output Level +4 dBm nominal, +26 dBm max
Output Load 600 ohms or higher per output, bal
Controls Input gain, 8x
Gain OFF to +10 dB
Frequency Response DC to 20kHz, ±0.25 dB
<.01% IM/THD
Noise >80 dB below nominal output, typ
Power Requirements 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 W
Construction Steel enclosure
Physical 5.7”w x 1.7”h x 6.0”d, 3lbs

Table top, optional rack shelf, optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets
Approval City of Los Angeles Elect. Test Lab

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