Jk Audio AutoHybrid IP2

Jk Audio AutoHybrid IP2

 Jk Audio AUTOIP2   AutoHybrid IP2™ works in place of a VoIP telephone, providing high quality audio connections for broadcast or conference room installations. This half-rack design has the front panel call control features of a traditional hybrid, with additional audio features like Ducking, AGC, and Test Tones accessed through the web interface.

AutoHybrid IP2 is designed for a variety of broadcast applications, from talk shows and interviews, to IFB and program feeds. The front panel user interface makes it a perfect fit for courtroom, conference room, and classroom audio applications.

Installation is similar to adding any VoIP telephone. Initial setup requires VoIP/SIP account information from your IT systems administrator (Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco CUCM…) or VoIP service provider (OnSIP, RingCentral, sip.audio…). Lines 1 & 2 can be configured as two numbers under one account, or separate lines on two different accounts.


Stream Wide Band Stereo Audio

AutoHybrid IP2™ also functions as an Audio over IP (AoIP) Codec, streaming wide-band stereo audio. In AoIP mode, the XLR jacks provide stereo send and receive audio.

Compatible with your Party Line Intercom

The AutoHybrid IP2™ Remote jack allows easy connection to the JK Audio Interchange™ Intercom Phone Bridge, offering an auto-answer VoIP connection into your party-line intercom. 

Energy Efficient

Low power consumption for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. External power supply included for LAN connections without PoE capability.

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