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JK Audio Concierge 2x6 Switch Core

JK Audio Concierge 2x6 Switch Core 

The Concierge Talk Show System consists of the Concierge 2x6 Switch Core, a innkeeper 1rx or innkeeper 2 Digital Hybrid and a Guest Module Control Surface. The Concierge 2x6 switch core allows connection of two hybrids across six phone lines. The switch matrix routes six incoming analog phone lines to either one or two JK Audio innkeeper 1rx™ single channel Digital Hybrids, or one innkeeper 2™ Digital Hybrid. A firmware upgrade is all that is required to make most older model INN 1x/INN 1rx and INN 2 hybrids compatible with this new system.

You can add up to eight Guest Module control surfaces to provide remote control of the switch matrix over CAT5 cable. Guest Modules are available in GM1x6, GM2x6, and GM1x12 desktop and rack mount versions.


  • 6 Phone Line jacks
  • 2 Hybrid Connections
  • Expandable to 2 x 12 Lines
  • Hold Audio Input
  • LED Line Status Indicators
  • Front panel DIP Switches
  • Auto-Ring & Auto-Drop Controls