The ACE-L fluid head, by Sachtler, operates virtually friction-free—without hydraulic oil. Even extreme temperatures have no effect on its functionality. A special feature is the finely-tuned counterbalance, which ensures optimal balance without time-wasting trial and error adjustments. Due to its payload range of 0 to 6 kilograms ACE-L is ideal for use with JVC's GY-HM600/650 cameras. A counterbalance of 7 steps allows rapid balancing of the camera set-up whereas the patented SA drag™ provides fine adjustment for precise panning and tilting. The head has a tilt range of +90° to -75°. For Ace, a glass fiber reinforced composite material was chosen, which makes the new 75mm fluid head especially light and offers a comfortable and non-slip surface feel. An illuminated bubble makes work even more convenient.

In this configuration, the ACE-L is combined with a Sachtler mid level spreader tripod with footpads.