Orban OPTIMOD 5500i - FM/HD Audio Processor

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Orban OPTIMOD 5500i - FM/HD Audio Processor

Mid-priced FM/HD full function 5-band processor with compact 1RU spacing and RDS/RBDS.

OPTIMOD 5500i puts competitive five- and two-band OPTIMOD audio processing into a single rack unit and brings it to you at the most affordable price ever. Quality sound is what 5500i is all about - sound that attracts audiences by providing a polished, professional presentation regardless of format and source material.

The 5500i can also be used as a superb stand-alone stereo encoder with latency as low as 2 ms and full overshoot limiting in both the left/right and composite baseband domains. When used in this mode, the 5500i must be driven (usually via an STL) by a full-featured FM audio processor (like Orban’s 8700i) that incorporates pre-emphasis-aware HF limiting and peak control.

The 5500i is the ideal choice for network broadcasters who process with Orban’s flagship OPTIMOD 8700i at the network origination point and who need a processor at every transmitter to eliminate STL overshoots (using the 5500i’s stand-alone stereo encoder mode) and/or to process local insertions while also eliminating network STL overshoots (using the 5500i’s audio processor / stereo encoder mode). Moreover, the 5500i’s two modes make it easy for large government and network broadcasters to manage its inventory of spares because any 5500i can be used as a stereo encoder with or without audio processing. Available in both modes, the built-in,vdefeatable ITU BS412 multiplex power controller allows the 5500i’s output to meet even the most stringent European government regulations.

Versatility doesn't stop with sound.
The 5500i includes a full-featured RBS/RBDS generator at no additional charge. The generator supports dynamic PS. It can be controlled via the 5500i presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to automation to support displaying title and artist.

The 5500i has a 10 MHz frequency reference input allows the stereo pilot tone frequency to be locked to GPS or another high-accuracy frequency standard. This improves the performance of single-frequency networks in areas where coverage of the transmitters overlaps.

Key Features:

  • Quick Setup
    Like the other OPTIMODs, the 5500i provides a guided setup procedure that helps you installing your unit.
  • Factory Presets & LESS-MORE Control
    With a selection of factory presets and the simple LESS-MORE Control you can easily create your own signature sound. Orban is happy to help you find the perfect setup for your station.

  • Four Processing Structures

    The 5500i features four processing structures which are Stand-Alone Stereo Encoder, Optimum Five-Band (or “Multiband”; 15 ms delay) for a consistent, “processed” sound, free from undesirable side effects, Ultra-Low-Latency Five-Band (5 ms delay), and Two-Band for a transparent sound that preserves the frequency balance of the original program material. The Optimum Five-Band and the Two-Band structures can be switched via a mute-free cross-fade. Please note that switching to or from the Ultra- Low Latency Five-Band structure causes the audio to mute for about two seconds because the DSP code must be reloaded.

  • ITU BS-412 Multiplex Power Control
    A defeatable, programadaptive multiplex power limiter can unobtrusively control the multiplex power according to ITU-R BS412 standards.
  • RDS
    The 5500i has a built-in full-featured RDS/RBDS generator that supports static and dynamic RDS values.
  • Remote Control or front panel operation
    You can operate and configure the 5500i comfortably via the supplied Windows PC Software. Control is possible over your local network or the internet. It can also be operated easily by using its front panel and display.
  • Stereo Encoder functionality
    The OPTIMOD 5500i allows changing between normal two-band and five-band audio processor modes and stand-alone stereo encoder modes via a smooth cross-fade. This facilitates switching between pre-processed network feeds (where only overshoot limiting is needed) and local origination (where full audio processing is required).

  •  NEW: Kantar Option A Kantar Encoder functionality is now available for the OPTIMOD 5500i. Kantar is a watermarking solution used for measuring radio audiences across different devices and different platforms. Kantar is a fee-based option for the OPTIMOD 5500i.