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Orban OPTIMOD 5518 - FM Stereo Encoder with RDS/RBDS Generator

Orban OPTIMOD 5518 - FM Stereo Encoder with RDS/RBDS Generator

The OPTIMOD 5518 - Superb stand-alone stereo encoder with NO overshoots and RDS

OPTIMOD 5518 is a superb stand-alone stereo encoder combining look-ahead and band-limited clipping techniques with latency as low as 2 ms and full overshoot limiting and extremely tight peak control in both the left/right and composite baseband domains, to control STL-induced overshoots while minimizing artifacts. The 5518 is the ideal choice for network broadcasters who process with an FM audio processor (Like Orban Optimod FM 8600) at the network origination point and who need a processor at every transmitter to eliminate network STL overshoots.

Key Features:

  • LCD and full-time LED meters
    An LCD and full-time LED meters make setup, adjustment and programming of OPTIMOD-FM easy - you can always see the metering while you are adjusting the processor. Navigation is by dedicated buttons, soft buttons (whose functions are context-sensitive), and a large rotary knob. The LEDs show all metering functions of the processing structure (Two-Band or Five-Band) in use.
  • Universal transmitter protection & audio processing for FM broadcast
    The 5518 provides universal transmitter protection and audio processing for FM broadcast. It can be configured to interface ideally with any commonly found transmission system in the world.
  • Stereo encoder has two outputs with independent level controls.
    The stereo encoder has two outputs with independent level controls, each capable of driving 75 Ω in parallel with 47,000 pF (100 ft / 30 m of coaxial cable).
  • Analog & AES3 digital inputs & outputs
    The 5518 includes analog and AES3 digital inputs and outputs. Both digital input and digital output are equipped with sample-rate converters and can operate at 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates. The pre-emphasis status and output levels are separately adjustable for the analog and digital outputs. The input failsafe feature allows the 5518 to automatically switch from its digital input to its analog input (or vice-versa) if the primary input suffers a loss-of-audio failure.
  • SSB Stereo Encoder Operation
    The 5518 allows its stereo encoder’s stereo subchannel modulator to operate in an experimental compatible single sideband/vestigial sideband mode.
  • RDS
    The 5518 includes a full-featured RBS/RBDS generator at no additional charge. The generator supports dynamic PS. It can be controlled via 5518 presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to automation to support displaying title and artist..
  • Administrating and Monitoring
    The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) features allow you to monitor your Optimod’s status and to send Alarm notifications via your Optimod’s Ethernet connection to your network.
    API: This interface can be used to allow custom third-party applications (including auto- mation systems) to recall presets, view status and set the controls.