Roland VC-30HD

Roland VC-30HD

Audio and video capture device for NLE’s
Simultaneous USB and two Firewire outputs
Webstream and archive to Blu-ray at the same time with redundancy
Live event video streaming & recording applications
Converts uncompressed analog/digital video to MPEG-2 TS/HDV/DV
Enables audio embedding with both analog and digital audio
Set bit rate from 2 to 50Mbps as well as audio delay using included PC/Mac utility
Encoded video/audio can be simultaneously output via IEEE1394 and USB2.0


Input / Output Diagram

Dedicated software for the VC-30HD enables control of various parameters such as bit rate of MPEG-2 TS(HD: 50/35/8 Mbps, SD: 12/9/2 Mbps) and audio delay.
*1: USB output does not support embedded audio signal from IEEE1394 or control of audio volume.
*2: USB output supports bit rate up to 25Mbps.
*3: Mac does not have drivers to support HDV/DV/MPEG2-TS via USB.
*4: Audio and Timecode can be embedded in the IEEE1394 video output.
*5: Windows USB support for HDV format has become very limited and dated so should be avoided.


Built-in Audio Delay Setting

The VC-30HD has appropriate compensation built-in so audio and video are in sync from the USB or firewire ports with the delay setting at 0. However, depending on the total signal flow from all connected devices and/or the encoding/streaming software being used, audio may not always be in sync. The audio delay setting in the VC-30HD is there to compensate for whatever may be happening outside the unit. Set the delay as required by watching the final encoded stream. Use a clapper or a percussive device to clearly match the sound to the video image. The VC-30HD allows up to 30 frames of delay compensation (1 second) in increments of 0.1 frames (3.3msec) - enabling the perfect lip sync.