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Ross OG3-FR-C


The engineers in the 305 Broadcast Video division have complete knowledge in setup, implementation, and training programs.

If you are looking to design a new studio, Master control, or any specific need in TV Video Broadcast Products, ask the experts at 305 Broadcast.  Let our engineers assist you and provide a complete turnkey solution.


Ross Video is pleased to lead the industry with the open architecture, openGear® platform standard. openGear® provides the industry with the most flexible and advanced signal processing possible with the opportunity to select products from a wide range of technology leaders, all in one platform under one control system.

  • Choices with best in class products
  • Wide portfolio from industry leading manufactures
  • One Control System!
  • No longer a need for multiple frame standards
  • No longer single sourced for solutions
  • Designed by Ross Video

OG3 Series Frames

Superior flexibility, power and control from the 3rd generation of the openGear® platform. The broadcast world's first and only open-hardware platform, and your platform of choice for your broadcast infrastructure needs.

DashBoard Control & Monitoring

Take control of your Gear with the TCP / IP based, DashBoard Control and Monitoring application.

  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Java based application
  • Automatic discovery of frames and devices
  • Practical real time control
  • Alarm reporting
  • Multiple frames on a single control network
  • Multiple DashBoard applications on a single control network
  • TCP / IP based communication
  • In field upgradability of devices
  • Multi-vendor control


SNMP allows you to incorporate openGear® into a system wide SNMP monitoring application.

  • Direct to the Frame (no Gateway required)
  • Runs on a separate software port to DashBoard
  • Software option (on MFC-8322-N) field upgradeable
  • MIB’s (Management Information Base) posted on Ross Video website

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