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Tascam CD-A750

TASCAM has updated its best-selling combination CD players/cassette recorders to theÿCD-A750. Like TASCAM's CD-200, the new model employs TEAC's new CD-5020A drive mechanism, designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise. New features include MP3 and WAV file playback, CD Text display, Auto Cue and Auto Ready. Also new is the digital output and pitch control for both the CD and cassette mechanisms.ÿ The CD-A750 is a combination CD player and cassette recorder with unbalanced phono inputs and outputs, balanced XLR ins and outs, parallel and RS-232 control. It has contractor-specific features such as power-on play, a wired remote control, rackmountable design and shock memory on CD playback. Features:ÿ
  • RCA unbalanced inputs/outputs for Tape and CD
  • XLR balanced inputs and outputs for Tape and CD
  • Common outputs which can be selected sources as Tape or Auto or Mix
  • RCA coaxial output for CD digital out
  • CD-Tape continuous play
  • CD to Tape dubbing include Edit dubbing
  • Power on play (CD and Tape), Power on record (Tape only)
  • Mono mix (CD and Tape)
  • 3 U Rack mountable
  • CD-DA (support CD-R and CD-RW disc), MP3 and WAV file play
  • Various time display (CD-DA: Lap, Remain, Total remain MP3: Elapsed)
  • CD Text and ID3 tag
  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Cue Call and Incremental Play
  • Shock-proof memory
  • Pitch control for CD (ñ12.5%) and cassette (ñ10%)
  • Auto reverse cassette playback and recording
  • Dolby B noise reduction
  • REC mute
  • Return to Zero
  • Tape type: normal. chrome and metal (play only)
  • Parallel control interface via DB-25 connector
  • RS-232C serial control via DB-9
  • 55-key Wireless Remote control

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