Tascam TM-280 - Studio Condenser Microphone

Tascam TM-280 - Studio Condenser Microphone

The world of recording has evolved rapidly in the last decade, but one thing hasn’t changed…

a great recording starts with a great microphone.


TASCAM's TM-280 is a high-performance, studio quality condenser microphone that features:

•   Switchable high-pass filter : allows the user to reduce  rumble and eliminate low frequency energy when needed

•    -10dB pad: drops the input volume when your signal is loud enough to distort the recording

These features, when combined with the pure gold-sputtered diaphragm, allows the TM-280 to gracefully capture performances ranging from a delicate acoustic session to the powerful levels of electric guitars, horns, percussion and drum kit overheads.  And, while the TM-280 may be complex and sensitive on the inside, it is tough on the outside and built to last. Its premium components are protected by a durable internal construction on a stout framework, then encased in an aluminum shell and sturdy microphone mesh.
TASCAM has also ensured  that this mic comes ready to rock by including a well-engineered shockmount with an integrated pop screen and a protective flight case.


  • Condenser-type microphone
  • Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • 34-mm aluminum diaphragm
  • Suspension shockmount included
  • Pop filter inclluded
  • Flight case included