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Tascam TM-DRUMS - Condenser Microhone Kit for Drums

Tascam TM-DRUMS - Condenser Microhone Kit for Drums

Start a professional drum recording with multiple microphones today

As the driving force behind modern music, drums and percussion have developed as powerful, complex instruments. And harnessing this power requires a very specific toolset. The TM-DRUMS microphone kit from TASCAM has been created to provide the recording or live sound engineer with everything required to capture a truly inspiring soundscape.


Drum recording is considered as the most difficult part among the microphone recording projects. Since a drum set comes with various drums and percussion, to a start a studio recording, it is important to know about drum miking. We need a several microphones not only for the bass drum, snare drum but also toms, hi-hats and other cymbals to be recorded individually. Thus, at least ten separate microphones are necessary to record a drum session.

When you are just about to begin a drum recording at a beginner stage, it is not easy to own tons of microphones due to the limited budget. In addition, it imay not be so easy to get the right sound from all microphones for a drum recording session since each microphone has different sound characteristics. TM-DRUMS is a drum recording microphone set that fulfills the minimum requirement for multi-microphone drum kit recording, and with this set, anyone can easily challege the drum recording with serveral individual mics.


  • 4 pieces microphone set for drum set
  • One dynamic microphone for bass drum
  • One dynamic microphone for toms or other percussion instruments
  • Two condenser microphones for hi-hats or overheads
  • 5/8" - 3/8" conversion adapter for each microphone