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Tascam VSR-264

The Tascam VSR-264 Stand-Alone Full HD Video Encoder/Decoder for Live Streaming streams and records up to 1920 x 1080 over IP. It simultaneously records video, encodes, streams, and decodes multiple streams using the H.264 codec. It supports encoding at up to 30 Mb/s using H.264 and can record to either SD cards, or attached USB drives.

The TASCAM DISCOVERY app allows you to remotely manage multiple units via an easy-to-use web GUI. After setup, all settings are saved locally to the individual VS-R units, so they can operate without being controlled by a computer. The unit powers by PoE, allowing you to place it anywhere you can run an appropriate Ethernet cable connected to a router that supports PoE. If that is not possible, an AC power adapter is available. Mounting brackets are included, and an optional AK-RS1 shelf allows you rackmount two units side-by-side.

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