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Tieline Codec Management System

Codec Management System (CMS) - Control your Genie, Merlin, Bridge-IT and Commander Rack codecs from any PC Download CMS free from and experiment with 1 free license for your existing Tieline codec. Configure, troubleshoot and remotely control more codecs in your network by adding a license for each codec.


  • Log in and remotely control and configure new generation Tieline G5 codecs using an in-built web-GUI (graphical user interface), and Tieline Commander G3 rack mount codecs using the TLG3 GUI.
  • Monitor all codecs in your network: view a complete graphical overview of your entire network and each codec's status
  • Create and manage primary and backup connections.
  • Use the ToolBox and TLG3 software interfaces to manage individual codecs.
  • Create programs and connections, view connection statistics, adjust algorithms, jitter buffers, bit-rates and more
  • Program and prioritise system, network and power alarms (coming soon)
  • View, filter and save event logs for all connections and any alarm activity (coming soon)



  • Available for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • The Tieline Codec Management System Connects to an unlimited number of Tieline IP audio codecs
  • Demo mode: one customer codec can be added into the Codec Management System for free and be configured for use (requires an internet connection).
  • Licensed install mode: customers purchase licenses from a Tieline dealer for each additional codec they want to manage via the system.
  • The Tieline Codec Management System is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac operating systems.
  • CMS web-Help files are best viewed using either Internet Explorer or Firefox.


** Priced Per Codec ***