Tieline Euro G5 ISDN Module


The Tieline Euro ISDN G5 (S/T) module is designed for the Genie and Merlin families of codecs. It can be used in most countries outside North America and for satellite ISDN connections globally.


Products Supporting this Module:

  • Genie
  • Genie Distribution
  • Genie Distribution with WheatNet-IP
  • Merlin
  • Merlin PLUS
  • Merlin PLUS with WheatNet-IP


  • Tieline Euro ISDN G5 module
  • Firmware v2.8.30 or higher


BRI 64/128 kbps options support G.711, G.722, Tieline Music, Tieline Music PLUS, MPEG Layer 2 mono and stereo, plus aptX® Enhanced mono and stereo. Insert two ISDN modules and bond up to 4 B channels together to increase bandwidth up to 256 kbps.


Euro ISDN G5 module

Important Note: Tieline Euro ISDN G5 modules do not have internal terminating resistors. When you connect terminating equipment such as a Tieline codec to an NT-1, 100 ohm termination resistors must be connected between pins 3 and 6 and between pins 4 and 5 at the last socket on the ISDN line. Check your NT-1 device user manual as this may be supported. Suppliers of electronic components sell suitable plugs with termination resistors when required. Please note: U interface ISDN terminations do not require terminating resistors.