Tieline TLR6200 - Gateway Multichannel IP Codec


Tieline TLR6200 - Gateway Multichannel IP Codec

The Most powerful DSP-based 1RU IP Codec


The Tieline Gateway introduces a new era in high-density multichannel IP codec streaming. The Gateway supports up to 16 mono channels or 8 stereo streams of bidirectional IP audio in 1RU to increase efficiency and reduce rack space requirements. It interfaces easily with legacy analog and AES/EBU digital sources, as well as newer broadcast plants with AES67 and ST 2110-30 IP audio infrastructure. An optional WheatNet-IP card is also available.

The Gateway is perfect for large-scale audio distribution to single or multiple locations, as well as managing multiple incoming remotes at the studio using SmartStream PLUS redundant IP streaming and Fuse-IP data aggregation technologies over internet connections. It is interoperable with all Tieline IP codecs and compatible over SIP with all EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326, 3347 and 3368 compliant codecs and devices.


  • 2 Channel Upgrade: TLR6200-LIC1STh
  • 4 Channel Upgrade: TLR6200-LIC2STh
  • 8 Channel Upgrade: TLR6200-LIC4ST

 Key Features

  • High channel density with 16 bidirectional mono or 8 bidirectional stereo IP streams

  • 16 assignable GPIOs, plus SLIOs (Tieline and WheatNet-IP)

  • Ideal for contribution/remotes and audio distribution applications

  • Stream IP audio over WANs using dual Ethernet ports

  • Fully AES67 and ST 2110-30 compliant for AoIP streaming

  • WheatNet-IP interface option available

  • Supports multicasting and multi-unicasting, multi-multicasting & multiple multi-unicasts

  • Internal Solid-State Drive for record and playback [2].

  • Dual DSP based platform with dual internal power supplies, dual Ethernet ports, dual [1] AoIP ports, and dual USB portsfor firmware upgrades, memory or Wi-Fi modems.

  • Supports uncompressed audio or a huge range of encoding options

  • USB 2.0 port support firmware upgrades, Wi-Fi modems and USB memory sticks. USB 3.0 will support record and playback [2]

  • SD card slot for firmware upgrades, memory and SDIO [2] options

  • Fully SIP EBU N/ACIP 3326, 3368 and 3347compliant to operate with 3rd party codecs