Wheatstone AURA8IP-3 - Wheatnet-IP Audio Processing Blade 3

Wheatstone AURA8IP-3 - Wheatnet-IP Audio Processing Blade 3

The Aura8-IP-3 occupies a single rack space, but packs an impressive complement of eight fully independent multi-band stereo audio processors. Each is deployable anywhere on the network through WheatNet-IP and offers full AGC, EQ, compression and limiting functions for HD, streaming, podcasting – up to eight separate stereo applications – in one unit.

The Aura8-IP-3 Audio Processing BLADE-3 brings two of Wheatstone’s core technologies together (Vorsis Ultra-High Resolution Audio Processing and WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network) to provide a convenient and cost effective way to provide audio processing wherever you need – standalone or on your WheatNet-IP network.

Each processing chain consists of a 4-band parametric equalizer followed by a crossover and three bands of compression. The compressors each feed their own limiters, whose outputs are then fed to a broadband lookahead limiter for tight peak control. The Aura8-IP-3 has its own local I/O, with four stereo pairs of AES digital audio and four stereo pairs of analog line level audio in and out, and can function as a standalone processing engine. Because it’s a BLADE-3, it can also instantly configure itself as part of a new or existing WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, making its processing power available throughout that network.

  • Highest performance 24-bit A/D and D/A convertors

  • AES67 compatible

  • 8 complete Vorsis multiband processors, each with:

    - 4-band parametric equalizer

    - 3-way crossover

    - 3 compressors

    - 3 limiters

    - Final lookahead limiter

  • Two 8-channel utility mixers

  • 4 AES digital inputs on RJ-45 and “D” connectors

  • 4 stereo analog inputs on RJ-45 and "D" connectors

  • 4 AES digital outputs on RJ-45 and “D” connectors

  • 4 stereo analog outputs on RJ-45 and "D" connectors

  • Can be used standalone or as part of a WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network

  • Built-in router control

  • Front panel headphone jack

  • Socketed output chips

  • Front panel metering

  • Rugged power supply

  • Colorful OLED display

  • Silence sensing can be applied to any output

  • One Gigabit Ethernet port