Wheatstone GLASS E Virtual Mixer IP Audio Console

Take control. Install the Glass-E Virtual Mixer on your laptop and control any LX-24, E-6 or E-1 control surface from your home, a restaurant or anywhere there?s an internet connection.  Or, use Glass E virtual mixer in place of a physical console to save the cost and space needed for an extra control surface. Glass-E Virtual Mixer is the ultimate remote access tool.

With our Glass-E Virtual Mixer Interface, you can place mixing consoles in places they'd never otherwise fit. This sngle rack unit gives you the full power of an LX-24, E-6 or E-1 control surface -- even if you don't actually have one! Use Glass-E to take command of the console from anywhere there's access to the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. It's ideal for running the board from a remote location, or assisting an unfamiliar operator from any remote location.