Wheatstone SideBoard 8 Channel + 3 Expand IP Audio Console

Wheatstone SideBoard 8 Channel + 3 Expand IP Audio Console


Product Description


Wheatstone SBC-8F+3 Sideboard Expanded Turret

The SBC-8F+3 has three accessory slots for inclusion of GP-series option panels or a Clock-Timer module.

Put control exactly where you need it. The SideBoard rackmount or ultra-compact tabletop control surface is perfect for newsrooms, guest talent booths – anywhere you need console control. As a front end to your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, the SideBoard does everything the big consoles do, only in a much smaller footprint.


Sideboard Features

  • Available in a tabletop side unit or 4RU rackmount unit
  • 8 faders with ON/OFF switches
  • PGM and AUD busses
  • Source selector with rotary encoder and display
  • 20-segment stereo LED bargraph metering
  • Headphone output with amplifier and level control
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Works in conjunction with any WheatNet-IP BLADE
  • Also available in a 4-fader version



Each WheatNet-IP Blade has a built-in 8-channel UTILITY MIXER function. The SideBoard allows access to four or eight of those channels, using it wherever a small, purpose-driven mixer is needed. Its input faders can each access any source in a networked BLADE system and its PGM and AUD outputs appear as new sources in the audio network.
Each Sideboard fader channel has an ON/OFF switch, PGM and AUD output assign buttons, a programmable (Prog) button that can be used for source preset, talkback, etc, and a Set switch for accessing the central source selection roatary control. Each fader has its own 8-character input source display. The stereo PGM OUTPUT is metered with dual 20-segment LED bargraphs.
The monitor section has both speaker and headphone outputs with level controls, and eight programmable monitor source hot buttons for instant selection. There is also a source encoder knob with a TAKE switch and an associated display that, as with the input channels, can access any signal in the network.