Wheatstone StreamBlade-8 - 8 Channel Proccessor

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Wheatstone StreamBlade-3 - 3 Channel Proccessor

Network Stream Blade 8 Ingest Channels.  Additionally has 4 stereo analog inputs (8 mono), 4 AES-3 digital inputs and 4 stereo analog outputs (8 mono), 4 AES-3 digital outputs.   Internal audio clip player.  Internal DSP audio processing channel.  12 assignable GPIO logic ports.  Network multiple I/O Blades through gigabit Ethernet switch.

Main Features:
• Selectable AAC, Opus, and MP3 encoders targeting high to low bit rates for reaching a broad range of end user devices and players.
• Accepts three input steams of native WheatNet-IP audio directly from a soundcard or AoIP driver as well as RTP sources, each capable of four outputs for a total of 12 total output streams.
• Five-band intelligent AGC, dual-band limiter and other audio processing designed to optimize the performance of encoded audio content.
• Cloud-ready and compatible with standard CDN and streaming platforms. Supports HLS, Icecast, RTMP, and RTP streaming protocols.
• Lua transformation filters adapt metadata input from any automation system into any required output format for transmission to the CDN server.
• Local I/O connectivity for other than WheatNet-IP audio network applications.
• Analog and AES67 input for non-WNIP applications.