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Yellowtec YT3222

The m!ka Pole Safety Stop is developed to ease and secure your m!ka equipment's fixation on the m!ka System Pole and m!ka Wall Mount Pole.

Simply insert the small stop inside your pole's flute below your affixed m!ka equipment. The optional m!ka Pole Safety Stop prevents your attached gear from crashing down the pole's flute. This is relevant whenever you loose the lock screws to adjust your m!ka gear's position on the pole.


  • To secure m!ka elements that are mounted to a m!ka Pole
  • To be used for safety reasons when changing the attached gear's position on the m!ka Pole
  • Prevents m!ka gear from crashing down
  • To be fixed with the included screw
  • Compatible with m!ka System Poles and m!ka Wall Mount Poles

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