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Yellowtec YT3230

Yellowtec M!ka Monitor Arm M 505mm Aluminium

As the golden ratio out of the m!ka Monitor Arm range, the M-size Monitor Arm is the perfect allrounder in terms of monitor arrangements. It fits to nearly every setup without extraordinary requirements in range. The m!ka Monitor Arm M is a good choice to shape working areas where maximum range to adjust the monitor's position is not higher than half a meter.

The m!ka Monitor Arm M is suitable to mount a monitor with a weight up to 15kg. Equipped with a QuickFix Adapter for VESA75 and VESA100 fixtures, proper adjustment of only a few screws will lead to a securely fastened monitor according to its weight and in any position you pull it to. Thanks to the Monitor Arm?s swivel head joint, you can customize the horizontal and vertical inclination and separately define the force needed to change both.

Be it a switch in seats or a setup which is used by different persons, our m!ka Monitor Arm allows you to customize your monitor?s position within seconds. Fully compatible with the whole m!ka Mounting System, you can take full advantage of the given variety of mounting options to tailor your setup to your individual needs.

?   Supports monitors weighing up to 15kg (33.06lbs) 

?   Equipped with QuickFix Adapter (VESA 75/100) for easy and safe monitor fixation

?   Adjustable friction joints

?   Separately adjustable friction of the swivel head's horizontal and vertical inclination

?   Sturdy aluminum / ABS construction

?   Made of durable, silk-mat anodized aluminum

?   Fully compatible with the whole m!ka Mounting System 

?   Pre-installed hook-in insert rail for fixation on m!ka Poles 

?   To be used in combination with a m!ka Pole

?   Various mounting options

?   Maximum range: 50.5 cm / 19,89?

?   Horizontal range: 105°



 ?   m!ka Monitor Arm M aluminum

?   Pre-installed hook-in insert rail for fixation on m!ka Poles  

?   Two m!ka Monitor Cable Clamps for outer fixation of monitor cables

?   m!ka Briefing Book

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