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Yellowtec YT5080

The iXm Podcaster comes with PRO Head (Yellowtec) no internal battery - supports cardioid PRO head only

iXm PRO Head cardioid Yellowtec dynamic Sensitivity: 1.8mV/Pa 4dB Impedance: 300Ohm 30% Dimensions 72mm x ø50mm Weight: 139g

Compared to the iXm Recording Mic, iXm Podcaster is getting along without built-in battery and without interchangeable mic heads. It only supports the dynamic cardioid mic head of the iXm PRO Line by Yellowtec. This makes it the perfect budget pleasant pick for every podcaster who is longing for iXm sound quality. Blue will be every podcaster's new favorite color.

To meet the wishes of the podcasting community, Yellowtec rethought the iXm and comes up with an additional version: iXm Podcaster ? a tool affordable for every ambitious podcaster who is longing for the iXm Recording Mic's sound quality. With ease, the integrated LEA leveling technology masters every recording environment and secures professional sound ? no post production needed! As a podcaster, you save valuable time for content creation!

Many podcasters and vloggers that once used iXm for their recordings feel that way. The iXm's great usability makes room for your podcasting passion. Technical things will no longer be an obstacle for you.

The integrated LEA Engine secures perfect leveling with every recording. USB is a thing of the past. With iXm your mobile. Record via WiFi SD-Card and share files via iXm Uplink App!

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