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Yellowtec YT9210

Use the litt Sound Segment to add another signaling dimension to litt?s CleanVision® LED signals. The segment creates maximum attention due to programmable sound patterns which can be set up to complement or to even enhance the litt Color Segments' visual lighting signals. Choose your preferred melody, sound pattern and volume level and thus achieve an optimal signaling effectiveness for any field of application.

Maximum attention. Thanks to the litt Sound Segment.

  • Sound signals create maximum attention
  • Programmable volume and sound patterns
  • Twist ?n? Click system for easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ultra-rugged design
  • To be used in combination with litt Base Controller / Base Controller Wall Mount
  • To be mounted as the top litt segment
  • Height: 42 mm
  • Ø 51 mm
  • Order information:  litt Sound Segment

Yellowtec Litt. Perception is everything.

Experience a whole new kind of signaling. With forward thinking options. Developed as an innovative, high-tech LED signaling device, litt brings convenience and flexibility. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra-bright CleanVision® LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system coalesce to create a new class of lighting design. Unmistakably different.

»litt is a high-tech LED signaling device that brings convenience and flexibility with programmable light and flash patterns, ultra bright LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system.

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