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Yellowtec YT9601

Yellowtec litt System Cable

  • AWG standard strands perfectly fit with litt Base Controller's Port Panel
  • litt Color Code for easy installation
  • Plug'n'play installation
  • litt Mulitcore System Cable, litt Color Code, 50 meter drum

Ease up your installation. Thanks to litt's color code.

The Base Controller?s connection panel consists of an 8-pin terminal block with a handy Phoenix Low-Insertion Force Connector. The hybrid cable?s ends can be comfortably inserted into the port panel?s color-labeled terminals. To connect or unplug the color coded cable from the port panel?s pre-labeled terminals, use the Clip Release Tool (found on the Installation Tool?s tip-end) which is included in the Universal Mounting Kit.

Yellowtec Litt. Perception is everything.

Experience a whole new kind of signaling. With forward thinking options. Developed as an innovative, high-tech LED signaling device, litt brings convenience and flexibility. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra-bright CleanVision® LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system coalesce to create a new class of lighting design. Unmistakably different.

»litt is a high-tech LED signaling device that brings convenience and flexibility with programmable light and flash patterns, ultra bright LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system.

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