WinMedia AdsTraffic

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  Ads traffic Clocks are created in the Traffic Clocks menu.The Clock contains the description of the time zones and the ad breaks of the day for the everyday of the week. For each time section, it is possible to specify the number of contacts per season, as well as the broadcast rates of each spot according to the time zone. For the ad breaks, there several parameter settings including: minimal and maximum durations, the splits (hard time or floating), the position of the ad fillers, the priority of the break (i.e. the order in which the breaks are filled), the restriction of certain breaks on certain advertisers (for example the sponsors weather) and the jingles which must be broadcasted at the beginning or the end of the break. WinMedia integrates a management multi-area of publicity. It is thus possible to parameterize the durations of the breaks so that all the breaks on all the cities have the same duration (generally duration longest of the zones). WinMedia in this case uses the advertising concept of filling with promotional tracks to reach optimal duration. After filling time stretches to reach the exact timing. The Customer Management in WinMedia manages a list of customer; each customer has one or more advertisements, as well as one or more advertising campaigns, which use these spots. This information is gathered in the window below. For each customer, there are standard fields (contact, address, city, etc), and of the optional fields that the user can create (for example, email, religion, language, sector) For each spot, in addition to the name, one can specify its theoretical duration (which is used as a basis of reference as long as the sound was not recorded), the activity sector (to avoid two different companies of the same sector to be broadcasted back to back or in the same break), and the voices which were used to record the sound. In addition to these fields, WinMedia proposes optional fields which can be personalized by the user. For each campaign the parameters include start/end date, the origin (sponsorship, weather), the number of contacts, the rate of spots the campaign and the quantity of spots to ebooked. WinMedia is also able to calculate the values of these fields starting from the advertising model. The Ads Traffic Module can generate customizable Broadcast certificates & Invoices in MSWord or Excel formats.