Our Epic Story

305 Broadcast is a labor of love for the transmission of unique broadcast messages utilizing today’s ever-evolving technology.

Alfonso O. Lopez started working in the radio broadcasting industry at the age of 19 after growing up in Venezuela with his father who worked in the radio industry. This love of broadcasting transcended into a career bringing the right equipment to others in the industry, wanting to start a new radio broadcast or even upgrade existing equipment from older analog technology to new IP technology.

In 2009, Alfonso formed a successful partnership with the Italian FM Transmitters manufacturer ELENOS and founded 305 Broadcast. Since then, 305 Broadcast has joined the rank of incredible companies in the visual and audio technology suppliers space as top 3 in sales worldwide. With over 5,000 radio transmitters set up around the globe, expertise in analog and IP technology is what 305 Broadcast does best. 

After all his travels and the many years providing the best equipment for any broadcast from radio and television to in-person broadcasting such as church services and even small business or at-home podcasts, Alfonso is proud to call his clients friends.

Based in beautiful Miami, FL, with a state of the art brand-new showroom and live TV/Radio production facility, 305 Broadcast is a leading international supplier of broadcast equipment and technical services around the world. Alfonso has helped small and large companies and individuals get the right broadcasting equipment for their needs and transmission goals. Alfonso has traveled all over Latin America providing technical services and equipment.



 Why 305 Broadcast?