Yellowtec YT3413 m!ka Set 4: Dual Monitor + Single Mic Set

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Yellowtec YT3413 m!ka Set 4: Dual Monitor + Single Mic Set

m!ka Sets

As a comfortable package option, m!ka Sets facilitate the combination of multiple m!ka elements. Choose one of the m!ka Sets according to your needs and combine it with additional m!ka articles if you want to. Every m!ka Set comes with all the items that are needed to affix the included m!ka elements. Get your personal setup made for your specific requirements. Thanks to the sets, it's even easier now!

  • m!ka Set 4: Dual Monitor + Single Mic Set

  • Mount two monitors and a microphone to a m!ka System Pole
  • Pole Desktop Mounting Kit serves to affix the Pole to a desk

  • Set is fully compatible with the whole m!ka Mounting System
  • Combine the set with additional m!ka elements of your choice
  • Alternative mounting options are available separately

  • Set 4 includes the following m!ka articles:

  • 2x YT3230 m!ka Monitor Arm M aluminum 
  • 1x YT3205 m!ka On Air Mic Arm M 
  • 1x YT3243 m!ka System Pole M 21,5" aluminum
  • 1x YT3245 Pole Desktop Mounting Kit