BDI SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller


BDI SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller

The SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller is suitable for digital and analog forward- and reflected-power measurements. The SWP-200 provides complete control of one to up to four RF switches. The SWP-200 can be interfaced to most four port switches and optionally can be provided with interface cables for most four port switches made. The SWP-200 provides one-button control of four port switches, manages interlock closures and transmitter control in a single rack unit chassis. Optional features include RF failure and RF safety sensing to protect a switch from damage if RF is present and a switch command is called for. The SWP-200 can operate in hands-off, pre-programmed mode, or in manually controlled mode. The SWP-200 also can be used in AM radio applications to control multiple open frame contactors. This is a versatile RF support product that provides around-the-clock peace of mind!


  • A modern approach to RF switch control in a compact 1 RU chassis form factor
  • Easily integrates with up to 2 - BDI DPS-100D RF power meters using Ethernet cable for a complete intelligent RF switch controller with proprietary 3 strike counter
  • Management/Control of up to 2 - four port switches and interlocks
  • Automatic transmitter changeover sensing loss of RF power
  • 1 switch and 2 switch controller models available
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers RF transfer switches
  • RF power display for up to 2 DPS-100D RF power meters
  • Built in LAN Port Provides Remote Control Via Free BDI GUI Software SNMPv2 Agent
  • Optional RF Switch Cables available for most manufacturers RF switches

The SWP-200 is a stand alone 1RU RF switch controller which can control most brands of motorized RF switches. In addition the SWP-200 manages transmitter interlocks and simplifies the connection of interlock paths. When installed as a system together with a BDI DPS-100D power meter, The SWP-200 provides complete Hot Switch protection by preventing the movement of a switch if RF is present. The SWP-200 also doubles as a rack mounted RF power display for up to 2 - DPS-100D Sensors. Acts as an SNMPv2 agent for quick interface to SNMP based remote control systems and software.